Saturday, July 26, 2008

^^ I went to DISNEYLAND!!! And I had FUN!!!!! And I learned how to BOWL!! And I played TENNIS!!! And I passed my swimming CLASS!!!

YEAH! I have a goal to capitalize the world at the end of my SENTENCE! And end them all in exclamation MARKS!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Once, I had this dream when I was a superspy. And I had to kidnap this spoiled brat/really smart and quiet classmate of mine (whichever. i forgot.) and she wouldn't come with us. We needed her to be part of the FBI. So we bribed her/him with M&M's. And then sotle them back.

By the way, I'm still alive. Just wanted you to know that. T_T (yawnz) So bored...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Harry, Artemis, and Darren. T_T

Pretty familiar names if you're into fantasy books, like me. Most of us know Harry Potter, riiight??? If you liked Harry, you should like Artemis Fowl, and if you're totally interested in that kind of stuff you would read Cirque Du Freak-the home of Darren Shan, mwa's fave little vampire.

Ugh. This post is mostly about my fave fantasy bookies, so if you don't like... umm... whatever. T_T

I haven't read Harry Potter. I don't really like it-it kinda bores me. I liek the story, though. I've seen the movies. I'm a Harry/Hermione (sp?) shipper.

I was all 'blah' when I was trying the read the Twilight series, and I think I was on a random volume, and I was all, 'Huh? Wha? Eh?' so I didn't really like it that much. (gets mobbed by twilight fans) I've heard of Edward, though. He's a vamp.

Although I don't know much about him, I'm obsessed with all vampires, so I guess I automatically like him...?

I really, really like Artemis Fowl. He's really cool, and although I'm only going on the third book, I really like it. Especially Holly Short. I'm an Artemis/Holly shipper, by the way.

But, even though, Cirque Du Freak was my favorite. I really liked Darren Shan, and although I don't remember being any shipper of any kind, (I think i did, though) and he's a vampire, and he acts like how I would act. (although I would probably be more like aria. she's a female vamp, if you didn't know)

I want my story, 'The Ozmics' to be like that-I really kinda made Corey (the main character) a mix of both Artemis and Darren. (He's more Darren than Artemis currently, though.)

Anyways, I really like the show Totaly Drama Island in Cartoon Network. T_T I'm eleven, so that's no surprise. I'm a Duncan/Courtney shipper.

Some people really like Spongebob and Sandy from Spongebob Squarepants to get together. Frankly, no offense to the shippers, I can't imagine them being together, especially the children. Sponge squirrels? Ew. And anyways, how do they-

Yes, yes, I have been alerted.
OH! My picture inserter thingy is FINALLY working!!! HURRAH!!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I went upon a story on the internet (ie-fanfiction) and there was these people going all, 'Dishiv lishikev lol, rofl asme hmy!!"

I mean, what. The. Heck. IS THAT??? I mean, I use words like 'lol', 'rofl', 'omg' and stuff like all the time, but COME ON!! I CAN NOT READ THAT!!

OTHER DIB: What's wrong?
DIBSY: I can't read anymore.
OTHER DIB: GASP!!! (runs to window) ...And yet the world still goes around.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Anything can be a weapon...

"Anything can be a weapon, my dear, naiive little friend. I can kill you with a swimming pool foam noodle."

Ok, I dunno why I put that there. (But I can imagine how you can kill someone using a noodle. That is very easy.)

Anyways, I'll just munch on a cookie from here on out. I'm like cookie monster. a virtual one, to add.

RAAAAAHHH!!!! I can kill you with a virtual cookie!!!
Well, maybe everything can't be a weapon. T_T

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

i'm still here, in my little corner...

(cries) I wonder I wonder who voted in that poll... I know a couple who did, but I know that one person put in the answer, 'THEY ALL SUCK!'

I know my blogs aren't the most awesome in the world-and that was the only choice saying that you just didn't like my blogs-but i'm still a little hurt by it.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Well, that hurts...

Well, I had a poll over here recently to see which is my most popular blog, and I put on the option 'THEY ALL SUCK!' on it, but even though, I was a bit surprised to see that someone had voted on that, anyways...



Sunday, July 6, 2008


These comics are so cute... but what are they called?
They're a bit sad-looking, though. When I look at it, a song from Evanescence turns on in my head. Ohhh...
Pon and Zi are so cute...
Anyways, you know how i wanted to be in Wikipedia? (it's in Here Comes the DIB!)
I dunno if DibsyLand is going to be mentioned there, anytime soon,
But I LOVE this blog.
So, could anyone give me ideas for this blog? sorry to the people who have helped me enough, especially you, tara, (if you're reading this) but I feel so brain-dead.
Anyways, CIAO!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Well, HI!!!!!

Well hi, my dear fwends!! (braces snap) Ah...

Anyways, I realize how fast my metabolism is...? You know, how some people eat just a little bit and get fast, while some others can eat A LOT and stay REALLY skinny? Cause i'm like really skinny, and I think i'm TOO skinny.

But whenever I try to gain weight, a body part i don't want to look really fat or chubby or anything gets the extra pounds(example: my tummy, my legs), and not where I want it to be!! (ex: my arms, my torso)

I think the only way to fill in is to work out, but i'm a majoy couch potato, so...


You know, i know this thought is like really, really weird and stuff, but instead of our brain squished up into a little ball in our heads, why don't we just spread it out like a noodle in our arms and torso and legs? Oh, but then every time you fall, you would have to be sent to the Emergency Room. -_-II

If i knew how to put pictures here, (I have no idea) I would put a picture of a toothpick here for emphasis. T.T

So, here is just a big yellow 'I' to prove my point:

Ugh, no!! Something's wrong with my 'I'!!!!! Oh, it's OK. Wait, lemme try again: (-_- So lame...) (I just realized I had my font on Webdings...oops...)
Yup, that's probably a pretty good self portrait...
(pulls away)
Oh, eww...