Sunday, November 9, 2008

OMG, I HAD A DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lately I've been having a lotta dreams lately, but as soon as I wake up I forget. But this time I remembered!!!

My dream opened with me looking at my friend Lucia, and she was hanging by two ropes attached to a helicopter, and it looked like she was sitting on a swing/bicycle thing. She was all like, "See, that's why I'm so scared." Cause we were like, in the sky. 0.0

It was a three-person ride. One controlled the helicopter, which for some reaosn was silent, one person rode on the swing/bicycle thing (lets call it...swicycle) and one other person was doing something else, which I think controlled the ropes.

Next thing I knew, I was controlling the ropes on the veeeeeeeery bottom. It was a really long rope, so I flipped it around my hands a lot so it was reeeeaaaallly short, and I ignored the people down saying it was dangerous.

Suddenly I heard the person in the helicpter (Buhl) shout "Go!" And out Sam came form under the helicopter, falling, falling...

The rope was too short. She didn't have time to grab on. I had only a split second to think before I unflipped the ropes, and she barely grabbed and the ropes and landed only inches away from my hands and head. OMG.

Next thing I knew, it was MY turn to be on the swicycle, and I wa son the platform of the helicopter, sweating like crazy. Suddenly the platform opened, and whoever was controlling the ropes was a lot better than me, because I made it perfectly.

Next thing I knew, this was a championship, and I was winning. But the swicycle was bigger, so there was more people. We were about to do our last move when suddenly, the sky became dark and thunder struck. We were in a storm.

So there we were, Buhl stumbling around in his helicopter, me, Sam and Lucia swaying nervously in the strom.

BOOM! The rope snapped, and we started to fall. Insert "AHHHHH!!!"

But when we hit the ground, we didn't feel a thing. In fact, we were in a giant hand. As soon as we got off the hand, the hand started to shrink into normal size and turned into a normal-if thats what you call it-girl.

"Hi, I'm C!" :D As you know, she is my current commentor. Btu this one looked like she stumbled out of some random anime, and had white hair, green eyes, and warrior armor. (O.o?)

We're all like, "H-hi C..."

And then we found out that she was controlling the weather, and she was the one the made us lose the championship, and because she wanted to be our friend.

So Lucia got all angry and was all like, "You made us lose the championship!"

And then C was all, "But I saved your lives!"

"But if you didn't make a storm in the first place, there would be no life saving!"

Dummy!!!!!!!!!! So, C, got reaaaaallly angry, and turned into a giant again, and we started running, and you know what she did?

She started to blow up mountains!!! O___O We ran across every mountain and she blew up each and eveyr one of them!!!

And then we hid in a cave, and we found Buhl there with his helicopter drinking hot chocolate we a granny. The end.

O.o Now do you know why these are called W. Dreams?


c said...

HEHEHEHEHE!!!! I was in your dream!!!!!!!!!
hahaha that's funny!

dibsy said...



Lol jk.

Manga Dork said...

Wow awesome dream!
I love reading them!!!!

dibsy said...

Thanks so much!!! :D (hugs)