Saturday, October 11, 2008


But of course, W. dreams are always weird. :P

OK, here's how it goes-

I was in Starbucks with my friend Stephanie D., who currently is in Texas. I was all like, "Did the frappuchino get the banana or did it just get a head implant?

SD (stephanie d): Head implant?

ME: Well, frappuchinos have really small heads. They might think they look deformed.

SD: Well, we drink their brains.

ME: You telling me its OUR fault the frappuchino supposedly get a head implant?

SD: Well yeah. We're just lucky we weren't sued, you know.

Out of blind fury, I threw my frappuchino to the ground, screamed, and ran out of the resturant.

When I opened the door, I was pinned to the ground by a secret agent guy.

SD stood over me and was all like, "Dude, I think we just got sued."

I blinked, and then suddenly we were in a jail cell along with Lucia-LB.

LB blinked and then suddenly we were in a court room with jury people and all that stuff.

Then suddenly, Richard came in in a banana suit, and was crying. "IT'S ALL HER FAULT FRAPPY GOT A HEAD IMPLANT! SHE'S NOT THE SAME ANYMORE!"

And then we looked at SD, and she was gone, and then suddenly, she was the judge.

She held up my homework with an F on it and was all like, "You failed!!!!!!!!!"

And then suddenly LB morphed into a frappuchino, and then was all like, getting a head implant.

It kept on growing and growing, and then finally s'ploded.


And I turned into a billion dolllar bill, and suddenly LB was chasing me with her exploded head implant, along with SD.

LB caught me, and then, out of now where, SD blinked, and then suddenly we were all in Statbucks drinking frappuchino, and Richard was the cashier register.




dee name ez vLo said...

wow intresting but strange dream... Is this blog gonna be a blog where you write your dreams down??

gogodibsy :D said...

No, only my W. dreams... XD

Manga Dork said...

Wow cool dream.
How do frapiccinos get head implants?

dibsy said...

I vill never know. ^^

Elle said...

That is quite the dream you had there.


dibsy said...

Why thank you.