Monday, November 17, 2008

O. M. G. Like a nightmare, for it is one.

"If drama was vodka, my whole school would be wasted."

Like OMG, I had a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, here's how it goes: a bunch of stuff happened, but then i forgot. So I'll skip to the point.

My whole class (and some other random people) were in a ballroom, and there was classical music going on, and there was like nobody talking except some people whispering, everyone was waltzing and we were all dressed formal. (and i had long hair. sweet!)

OK, everything was going pretty fine until we heard a gunshot, and everyone started screeching and everyone started to panic.

(our teacher was here also. don't worry, thoguh. he's pretty cool.)

And then, this dude with no face comes in, and he, like, has a huge sniper. O.O

And then suddenly, we were in a hallway, and in our normal clothes, and this guy was in front of us, and instead of a sniper he had a normal gun.

And then, he, like, shot someone, I forgot who, and we started to panic and run away, and ignored our teacher screaming, "no! don't!" but following us anyways.

So, like, one by one, we started getting shot and dying, until only a few of us were left, including this guy named JR.

And he was all like smiling, but his eyes were all red and he looked like he was crying and stuff. And I was all like, "Jr! This isn't funny!" So he wiped his eyes and turned to face that faceless, eveel dude. (i'm leaving out a lotta details, guys. im just being really lazy and i don't want to elaborate)

Soon, it was just me and JR. And instead of a brightly lit hallway strewn with all my buddies, we were in this cellar with this electric chair in the middle. I guess JR knew it was the end, or just got a heart attack, or has asthma i never knew about, because he dropped dead. T_T (thanks a lot, JR)

And then like, three faceless dudes grab me and I'm all like struggling and screaming and kicking, until they tie me into the electric chair, put this thing on my eyes, and I'm like, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then I come out, and then I'M a faceless dude!! O.o

I know what provoked this. I was watching Justice League, and in the theme song was this faceless dude. That was also the eveel dude killing us all.

And I was also at the video store yesterday, and I saw this horror movie with this guy at an electric chair or whatever screaming, and I think the title was "Ultimate killing machine" or whatever.

Anyways, bye. Beware the faceless men. They kill.


Manga Dork said...

Wow scary!!
I had nightmares like that after I went to the haunted house in my town!
Like people were plotting to kill me and chasing me everywhere....but Im a big chiken so I freak out easy.

Dibsy said...

Oh LOL me too! One time I was watching this mopvie thign and then out of no where I started to randomly scream like a maniac! XD

Ada Potata said...


Elle♥Madame said...

ok that was pretty scary :(
i can't imagine how you must have felt when you woke up!!!

Dibsy said...

Ada: I will! I'll comment on your blog about it!!! :D
Elle: Why hellos! Thanks! XD

Ada Potata said...

I do not like nightmares! BTW can you change your color text? It is a little hard to read, not much just being a danshin fool. Haha.

Agent D said...


krl said...

that was just strange.


Agent Dibsy said...

i'm taking that as a compliment. ^^

Savannah Nelson (i wish, lol) said...

wow, creepy.the other day i dreamed that i was awake in bed, but i couldnt move ant there was this guy standing there and i was afraid he would kill me or something

dibsy said...