Wednesday, August 13, 2008

If you seriously want to know me...

Hello, this is the post about ME and not random stuff!!!

-_- OK, I got this survey from Cady Lola Cep's blog. (luvies to you and your friend callie, cady! ^^)

OK...daddy won't let me use surveys, which is why I'm doing it over here. -_-


  1. Real Name-Go to The Utmost Uncensored whatever, I'm not saying it.
  2. Nickname-tofu, tobs, tobwhy, taffle, dibsy, dibster, dibby, toto, big toe, toey, toba, bob, toffee, too much to name.
  3. (since I'm eleven) Zodiac sign-Aquarius. (w00t GO ME!)
  4. Male or female-female
  5. Elemantary-elemantary what? Um, yeah, I'm going to sixth grade...?
  6. Middle School-well i'm going to sixth grade so yeah...
  7. High school-no
  8. Long or short-uh, well, i have short hair, long nails, if that's what you mean
  9. are you a health freak-yeah right dibby here is a slob ^^
  10. Height-hey i'm eleven, what do you think?
  11. Do you like yourself?-sometimes yes, sometimes no. perfectly normal for a growing girl such as I. ^^
  12. Piercings-I want to pierce my ears again so I could start wearing earrings again...but being the chicken I am I think it might be a bit painful whichever piercing I get. T_T I'll just use clip ons for now.
  13. Tattoos-I'm eleven, too young, and I don't want one anyways.
  14. Righty or lefty-righty, wish i was ambi


  1. First best friend-someone in preschool or before so, I forgot the names... (how insensitive, I know...)
  2. First surgery-no...
  3. first piercing-when I was a baby, I got a hole for my ear. Now it's closing.
  4. First award-since i'm so show offy I won't say, but it was when I was really young and i don't remember. (gets awards like, student of the year, month, blah blah, stuff like that)
  5. First sport I joined-'joined'? well, i think gymnastics and swimming and ballet were them. (my classes were all on the same day)
  6. First pet-there was the class fish, Speedy, and somewhere after that my offical pet, a hamster named Maxie, was given to me for my birthday...
  7. First vacation-too many, can't remember...
  8. First concert-(forgot)


  1. Eating-I just recently finished some pizza hotpockets, it's morning right now...
  2. Drinking-water
  3. I'm about to-answer the next question.
  4. listening to-my brother watching Skunk Fu T_T
  5. Wearing-t shirt and some sweat pants. hey, its morning.
  6. Mood-eh, I've been better.


  1. want kids-maybe an orphan, that's painless 'til they start growing up
  2. want to get married-yeah, i don't want to spend my saturdays alone, that's a boring day even when you're around friends
  3. careers in mind-FBI agent, writer, tv director, next Bill Gates, some rich job
  4. see yourself in 4 years-I'll be fifteen, and hopefully I'll still be as awesome as I am now. (I'm awesome, right? TELL ME I'M RIGHT!)
  5. college-boarding school college, sitting bored in class all day is a small price to pay for fun with your friends


  1. lips or eyes-eyes, they have to be brown, almost black, i hate blue, it looks so airy
  2. shorter or taller-if it was shorting, i would be tempted to make fun of them but sitll be amigos, if they were taller, i might be snappier about it
  3. sensitive or loud-a bit of both, my brother's too sensitive and he's annoying, and my neighbor is loud and that's annoying. need the right amount, you know.
  4. trouble making or hesitant-a bit of both, but i need another amigo to understand my random ways, while still being the complete opposite and not the opposite of moi. that would be a great friend.


  1. drank bubbles-yes, soap bubbles and soda bubbles (love coke fizz!)
  2. lost glasses/contacts-i don't wear them, but i want glasses. but im not going to purposely get them, although i want the fake kind.
  3. ran away from home-sometimes wanted to, but never did.
  4. broken any bones-i think my chin
  5. cried when someone died-my hamster, Maxie
  6. drank egg nog-is that milk?
  7. gone to therapy-my teacher requested counseling for me, does that count?
  8. toilet papered someone's house-nope
  9. spied on someone-sure, of course. i do more eavesdropping, though, but don't we all?
  10. stolen anything-...? i seriously forgot!
  11. gone camping-sure, it was fun!
  12. had a stalker-maybe some annoying people, but no.
  13. laughed so hard you cried-YES!
  14. gone to a party-DUH! YES!
  15. feel betrayed by a best friend-sure, but they're mostly misunderstandings.
  16. been out of the US-yep
  17. thrown up from working
  18. gotten a haircut so bad you wore a hat-only bad hair days
  19. 3 meals from 3 different fast food places-what? O.O What do I have to do?
  20. done anything hurtful to a classmate-(looks at all the people who she has ever commented on) Do I act like I would? Hehehehhehe...meeeeee?


  1. yourself-sometimes
  2. miracles-seriously depends
  3. heaven-yeah
  4. santa clause-no, but i do in the tooth fairy...!
  5. angels-sure


  1. is there one or more people you want to be with right now-all my club penguin pals. dang this survey is long for me.
  2. Do you believe in God?-Yes, I'm a Christian.


  1. smell-lots of things. good, nail polish, new stuff, books, chess pieces, ect.
  2. sound-depends on my mood
  3. movie-too many to choose
  4. clothing item-everything. depends on my mood.


  1. are you obsessed with someone-anime, and club penguin people. in summer, my friends mostly are in the computer.
  2. best thing about your job-I don't have any. Hahahahahaha.
  3. any compliments today-me? no.
  4. next vacation-who knows?
  5. friends guys or girls-what's the difference? both.
  6. own any furniture from ikea-dunno
  7. last book you read-some harry potter book
  8. super power-able to stay on the computer...for the longest time. EVER in the history of the universe.
  9. lived most of your life-here.
  10. why is the sky blue?-'cause God made it that way.
  11. last song you heard-some spongebob dramarama thing. (don't ask)
  12. if you could be anywhere where would it be?-at school. except, we're not learning. if only life worked that way.
  13. mood atm-bored and my back needs to stop arching to the computer
  14. plans tomorrow-same old, same old
  15. last time you slept for more than 12 hours-I don't think...I have ever.

OK, that was all about me. Now you know.

Luvies to you guys, BYE!!!


Ada Potata said...

YESSS! I love potatas and my name rhymes with it kinda...aduh potatuh...ya know...

dibsy said...

Lolz, yes, yes it does. Me, I only liek french fries. :P

Ada Potata said...

I like any kind oh potaytoe...and I took a lot of clipart and pictures on photobucket. Then I made it a collage and compressed it to one picture. <3

dibsy said...

Lolz. :P

jckandy said...

oh man, how can you WANT glasses? THEY DESTROY YOUR LIFE! THEY BE-NERD YOU! THEY SLOWLY FIZZLE YOUR SUFFERING EYES, LIKE ACID OH-SO-CAREFULLY BURNING OUT YOUR RETINAS-okay, the last one was a lie, but still. I've had glasses for six years, since I was six, and now I have blessed, blessed contacts. Okay, maybe the fake ones would be okay cuz if you need to swim or do PE or something you could take em off...but don't do what my mom's friend did when she was little, tried reading in the dark to wreck her eyes so she could have contacts like her friends. Not cool. ~;)

dibsy said...

Sometimes they make you I need to fool people!! I have braces. >.< Bad combo, now that I think about it. Let's trade.

Ada Potata said...

Well thank you dibster, i try i try. I am a class clown at school. lol Hee. :D woop woop awesome sauce I feel warm and fuzzy now.

dibsy said...

Have an ice cream. ^^ You are naaaaaice.

.sienna. said...

...I thought I posted here several hours ago 0.o. Oh I go again :P

Your gonna LOVE sixth grade-I know I did. Plus, your way younger then I expected...(I'm young myself...haha guessing my age xP) I love surveys. They offically rock. Parents on Blogger rock even harder. Wish my parents would make an account XD

dibsy said...

XD. My dad's on this. Surveys pwn, high five! Also...uh, um...are you...thirteen?

.sienna. said...

Haha one year off :P Feb. 13 I'll be 13 XD. Its a Friday too...but Friday the 13th is my lucky day :]

*Super-high-five for surveys*

Hahaha if my parents were on blogger...*horrifying scream* It could not be THAT bad...heh-heh...

dibsy said...

Lolz. I guess you're only one year older than me. ^^ (high five, double!!!!!) Oh yeah!

Ada Potata said...

hah hah, thank you too! (crys in front of smily face to symbolize dibsy because she has no pictures of herself)

dibsy said...

Gaspity gasp gasp! I do have a piccy of myself in here!!! Not in this blog but on the web!! Gaspity gasp gasp!

But I am a Smiley Face, because, my face does not stop smiling. (only when i don't want it to)

Ada Potata said... lol Yesh you are too awesome for your own goood too!

dibsy said...

Well then!!! Why gracias!!!

.sienna. said...

...I am older then you...*insert MWAHAHAHAHA! here* Just kidding...*pats on back*

Do more surveys like this! Surveys are AHMAZING! (That word is an end-of-summer obsession LoL)

dibsy said...

Erm, this survey isn't mine...

Younger ppl pwn!!! (blows rasberry) Jk...

♥♥CLAiiR3TH3ROCK3R♥♥ said...


dibsy said...

Hullo...? Hullo, person.

tutso said...


your a very interesting person

dibsy said...

Why thank you. (bows) You're all too kind. :D

Weirdo vLo said...

that cookie thing is awsum!! wait u changed it. anyways, toodles!!

dibsy said...

Lolz. ^^ Tootsies!

Beautifly Broken said...

i meant (about the club penguin thing) that it was diff. like a year ago. u cant chat anymore. and its way weird ppl on dere now. there were a lot of cool ppl but not a whole lot anymore