Monday, June 23, 2008

Top 10 Ways to Get Rich

If you read the introduction (which I hope you did) I promised you a few ways to get rich. Sooo, here they are! (not guarenteed to be legal, though-so don't try this at home!)

1. Ask, like, 5 bucks from one person, (remember to make sure that you won't have to give it back later on, though) then ask it again from another person, and by the time you aksed like 20 people, you got a hundred bucks!

2. Dress up as a hobo and set up camp next to a sap. Beg for some change, and maybe you'll gain a few cents along the way.

3. Get some old thing from your closet (example: an umbrella) and design it so it won't look like an umbrella anymore. Attempt selling it on eBay. (example: an umbrella could become so hip hop toy if you took the rod and made it spin around and around the top of the umbrella, which you will reattach to its bottom)

4. Go to the mall with brother/sister. (lets go with brother) Tell the cashier with a store bought item (lets say... a new bike) And say, "A bike for my brother." Upon seeing your brother's face, pick him up and hand him to the cashier. (may not be making you get richer, but it'll definitely imporove your chances)

5. Look up the least popular famous person and buy an item for them. Don't use it, but wait maybe ten years. By then, it'll be a hit, and you can go up on eBay and sell it.

6. Live with your mom with the rest of your life. you might not get rich, but at least you get something to fall back on if you do.

7. Buy a chicken suit, a tutu, an afro, some hip sunglasses, and learn how to dance. Show off your moves in the street and maybe you'll get big bucks out of it. Trust me. You will.

8. Do a DIY (do it yourself) on EVERYTHING. You won't have to spend any money, and trust me, how did Tarzan cope with the jungle?

9. Invent useless stuff that look so awesome that anybody'd buy it. (example: a machine that makes you clap, a door that leads you to a brick wall (for burglars) and a pen that leaves a sparkling trail of ant like dust wherever it written)

10: Break your brother's piggybank. End of story.

Anyways, how do you like it?



Manga Dork said...

Those are some really cool ideas!!
Also thanks for going on my blog!!

dibsy said...

Once again, YOU'RE WWELCOME!!!

BTW, where ever did you find the cute penguin? It's CUTE!!


you know... number 10 wouldn't go so well for me, considering i don't hav a brother...

dibsy said...

Then get your sister's. Lol. ^^