Saturday, August 9, 2008

So...yeah. (if you want to learn about me, then yeha, this is the place, i guess)

You know, I have a surprisingly large obsession over the show, Total Drama Island in Cartoon Network. (Duncan Courtney shipper, btw-strongly)

Well, it's realistic, and way better than those mindless other shows in Cartoon Network.

Anyways, yes yes people, you have known Dibsyland, you have heard the latest of Dibsyland, now you must know the inhabitants of Dibsyland.

First, we shall start with the Dibsyland ruler, Dibsy!!!

(applause) (silence) I SAID APPLAUSE! (applause)

Ok, um,

Dibsy: Female

Age: 11 yrs.

Personality: Very random, can be a bit of a wet blanket, moody, weird, smart but you have to look deep down, very unathletic, anime fanatic

Likes: Stuff, edible food, books, the tv, the computer, friends, family, video games

Dislikes: Stuff, unedible food, not much I don't like

Appearance: Asian, short black/brown/reddish(?) hair

Agh, forget that. Makes me sound all Mary Sue-ish.

Dibsy usually spend her time on her computer iunside her fridge, along with her more annoying brotherly dib, Jo.

Her best friends are Steph and Yvetsute (from last year). Steph moved away to Texas. :(

Whatever. Too much to say 'bout me.

I give up. :(


Blaire said...

Hey! cute blog post. thats weird about ur friend! over 370 comments on one posts?! wow. well, thnx 4 the comment :)

dibsy said...

Welcome. Really, the post was like, three sentences long. And we (as in him, me, and other amigos) had like a random conversation consisting of at least 10 words on average. -_- Computers aren't made for normal conversations.

Scrappy Girl said...
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Scrappy Girl said...

Love the post it is super cute!
BTW whose Mary Sue?

dibsy said...

Mary Sue is fanfiction slang. ^^

Cady Lola Cep said...

Cool blog.

Sure you can use the survey. I don't care. LOL.

Mew said...

Hi! i'm sorry Dibsy, but i'm in holidays and not at home.

I don't know nothing of Kelsey.

One Kiss!!


dibsy said...

Thanks Cady Lola Cep, (i love your name!) and Mew!!! (also heart your name)!!

DeAtH Pr!nCeSs said...

Hey !! Nice post !! It's sweet !! Ilove the background